Dear God,

I wondered how you were going to do it.

When it seemed like our country was falling apart, you brought us all together.
When your houses of worship were only full on certain holidays of the year, you gave us a reason to come back.

I wish there could have been another way.

But how else could you have possibly turned around an entire nation of 270-million people? At one time, we were a model for the free world. Lately, we've become the source for an endless parade of bad news. School shootings, scandals, serial killers and even moms killing their babies! Whenever I was shocked by a horrendous crime and thought it couldn't possibly get worse, another one came along.

Our government had all but ground to a halt. Politics was no longer the art of persuasive argument but rather figuring out how to make the other guy look bad. Leaders weren't leading. In general people had become selfish. The rule of thumb had become "my way or no way". Racial tensions were flaring up. Street gangs became an accepted part of life. Anarchists rioted in the streets because "they had the right". It seemed like it had become more important for prayer to be kept out of the schools than maintaining the quality of our kids' education.

What would it take to get us back together as "one nation, under God" as our forefathers had envisioned?

We found out the morning of September 11th, 2001.

The religious fanatics that carried out their suicide missions claimed they were doing it in your name. We know better. None of the world's major religions teach that the senseless killing of thousands of innocent people is a quick way to heaven. Yet, these unthinkable acts were carried out with precision and in an instant, thousands of moms, dads, sisters, brothers and children were taken from us. Please give special comfort to the families and friends of the victims as they ponder the question that first came into our minds: "Why?"

But I think I know the reasons you allowed the attacks. An incredible spiritual awakening has begun in the United States while at the same time Americans of all colors and creeds are uniting together as one nation. Party bickering has disappeared from politics. Students gather around flagpoles before school with their heads bowed. It is truly nothing short of a miracle! Before that tragic day, it seemed like the various religions spent all their time pointing out how the others were wrong about you. Now, all are standing together at candlelight vigils as one nation, under God.

In their hands, they're holding an American flag. Who would have guessed we'd race out to the stores and buy every flag we could get our hands on? We've got them flying in front of our homes, hanging from our office cubicles and taped to our cars. They're playing "The Star Spangled Banner" on the radio all day long. During the 7th inning stretch of baseball games, crowds are now singing "God Bless America". Just as recently as a couple of weeks ago, no one would have dared predict a more spiritual, patriotic America was about to be born.

But God, before I wrap up this letter, I wanted to ask if you would please take extra special care of those souls you called home during this tragedy. Please tell them that they were loved tremendously on this earth and each is sorely missed. Our sorrow is deep and our only comfort is knowing that they're now with you and eternally safe.

Maybe after we've taken the necessary steps to secure freedom, we'll eventually go back to the bickering and pettiness that consumed us before the attack. I hope not.

On our money it says "In God We Trust". Now we're going to prove it. There are challenging days ahead, but with your guidance we will once again return to being the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

I only wish there could have been another way.

--- Written by Tim Hunter, morning radio co-host in Seattle at 92.5-KLSY.